Antibiotic Resistance Called Growing Threat to Human Health

Many people believe Most advance medical service is available in The US.  But there are now big issue in US Medical Services, MRSA.

If you check a pdf link below,  you will recognize it is big issue.  Too much usage os Antibiotic, it leads MRSA.  Stem Cell Therapies are available in India.  Some Australians worry about sanitary condition in Indian Hospital.  But please think different hospital condition between US and India.

In addition, US is not advanced country on Stem Cell Therapy due to suspension by President Bush. US is not advanced country on Stem Cell Therapy.

These are the reasons why we recommend a Indian hospital, NeuroGen in Mumbai with following reasons.

Reason 1:
Dr Sharma is pioneer on Stem Cell Therapy in the world.  This hospital is run by Dr Sharma.

Reason 2:
They have more than 10,000 operation since 2008.

Reason 3:
We visited two times since 2012.  We have good relation with them.

Reason 4:
They moved to a new premises in April 2014.  It is a new and clean building.


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pdf file:–94101404/117850.html

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