Marie’s Case: a Spinal Cord Injury at C5 & C6

Marie’s Case a Spinal Cord injury at C5 & C6

My name is Marie Mahoney. I am a Spinal Cord Injury Patient that is damaged at C5 and C6 in 2008. I was hospitalized at Austin hospital for 13 months. In addition Physiotherapist declared that I would not able to move in my life.
You could see me
last few days at Austin Hospital.

The first turning point of my life was that I have had Stem Cell Therapy at NeuroGen Hospital in Mumbai, India in July 2011. Fortunately I have received government support to get Stem Cell Therapy Treatment and Rehabilitation at Indian Spinal Injury Centre in New Delhi, India.

The second turning point was happened when I stated rehabilitation at Neuromuscular Rehabilitation in Dec 2011. I feel the difference from the day one. Then I can feel recovering my body since then.

Many Spinal Cord Injury patients who damaged at C5 and C6 could not move neck and body. But now I can move neck and hold a coffee cup and eat a sandwich by myself. Nowadays I am excited every day, because I feel my body moves.
Marie September 13th, 2012

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