Why NeuroGen?
1) NeuroGen went enter Practical Phase since 2008. It is the pioneer of Stem Cell Therapy. More experience means more reliable. They had 900 patients.

2) The cost is very reasonable if you compare to other hospitals in US and other area. You can check the detail later.

3) We are authorized rehabilitation by NeuroGen. Therefore you could get more effective rehabilitation than other practitioners.

Specialized for:
NeuroGen is in specialized for Neurological Disorder Diseases such as
- Spinal Code Injury (Quadriplegic, Paraplegic)
- Muscular Dystrophy
- Stroke
- Autism
- Cerebral Palsy

NeuroGen e-Brochure
This is the e-Brochure of NeuroGen. You can download it and check it.
Please note rehabilitation scheme has been changed.

The cost includes following items.
- All the cost between from picking up and dropping at Mumbai International Airport.
- Stem Cell Therapy & Rehabilitation
- Accommodation for Patient and two carers at the same room
- Meals (Vegetarian cuisine only unfortunately)
- Occasional Tourism for carers
- Internet access at hospital accommodation

We strongly recommend to research by yourself.

Check point:
When did they enter Practical Phase?
How long did they spend before Practical phase?
How many patients did they do?
How much do they ask?
What is included in their offer?

What we know:
If you check other hospitals treatment cost, it might contains Operation only. You need to pay extra accommodation and transportation between hotel and hospital.

It might not include rehabilitation. We have a Quadriplegic patient (Spinal Code Injury). All the Neurological disorder patients need rehabilitation. Otherwise they could not improve. Because it takes time to reconnect and reestablish the neuromuscular functions.

If your target hospital does not comment on rehabilitation, we do not recommend such hospitals.

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