Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
What is Neuromuscular Rehabilitation?
Neuromuscular Rehabilitation rejuvenates neuromuscular functions between Brain, Muscle and Nerve.

It helps to reactivate body movements.
It helps to reconnect damaged nerves.
It helps to learn how to control muscles.

That is why Neuromuscular Rehabilitation patients can move their body quickly.

If you want see the result of Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, please check Marie’s case,
Marie is a Quadriplegic patient by Spinal Code Injury at C5 & C6.

Please note in the normal case of Spinal Code Injury at C5 & C6. Such patients could not move Elbow (C5), and Wrist (C6). Please check Marie’s case, case 1 & case 2.
Do you realize? Yes, she could move her Elbow and Wrist.

In addition, she got nerve system at fingers was damaged by Electro before Stem Cell Therapy. It takes time to regain sensation at fingers. NeuroGen and we do not recommend to use Electro. It damages nerve system instead of healing.

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