Stem Cell Therapy

Many people are talking about “Stem Cell Therapy”. But many people in Australia do not know about the result of “Stem Cell Therapy”.

FAQ on Stem Cell Therapy
Is Stem Cell Therapy Safe?
The conditions for Safe, Legal and Ethic are;
- Extract Stem Cell from your body and back to your body.
- No modification on Gene.
Therefore it is safe, Legal and Ethic.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Legal?
As we stated as above, it is legal. It does not extract gene from other person’s body and injects into your body. It does not modify your gene. Therefore it is legal.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Ethic?
As we stated as above, as far as extracting Stem Cell from Patient’s body and injects into patient’s body. It is ethic. Because it does not inject someone’s gene, modified gene or someone’s Stem Cell.

If you are thinking to have Stem Cell Therapy, please check these issues. NeuroGen, Mumai, India complies this guideline. Therefore is is recommendable Stem Cell Therapy Hospital.

You need to check the cost of Stem Cell Therapy by hospital. Please check what is included in that offer. One of US hospital offers at USD45,000. But it contains Stem Cell Therapy operation only. They do not have many cases in our understanding.

This website shows you that the power of combination of Stem Cell Therapy and Nerutomuscular Rehabilitation. Please check the case study of Marie, a Quadriplegic patient by Spinal Code Injury at C5 & C6.

According to Marie, she could not get better results form other two practitioners. Since Marie has started rehabilitation with us, she feels recovering her body. Due to her age 64 and 4 years passed since she got Spinal Code Injury. unfortunately it takes to time to recover. But Her home doctor, Dr McColl, and Dr Alok Sharma at NeuroGen recognized her improvement.

Stem Cell Therapy
Stem Cell Therapy is an advanced treatment for Neurological Disorder diseases. NeuroGen (Neurogen Brain & Spine Institute, Mumbai , India) went to enter Practical Phase since 2008. We obtained their case study as below.

Case study at NeuroGen.
- Spinal Code Injury (Quadriplegic, Paraplegic)
- Muscular Dystrophy
- Stroke
- Autism
- Cerebral Palsy

Who can get the benefits of Stem Cell Therapy?
If you are not addressed by current medical system or your doctors declare no hope to recover, Stem Cell Therapy might help your difficult situations.

In Marie’s case, she is a Quadriplegic by Spinal Code Injury. She is improved even if she is age 63 years old and 3 years later after her accident. If you are younger and not so long after accident, you might have more chance to recover quickly.

How to get information on Stem Cell Therapy at NeuroGen?
If you are interested in Stem Cell Theraly, you can download ebook and eBrochure at our NeuroGen page.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any question.

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation is a representative of NeuroGen since 2012. Our advantages are

1) We are Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Practitioner instead of medical tour operator.
2) We could not help to organize your trip to NeuroGen. But we can help your rehabilitation afterwards.
3) We are an authorized certified rehabilitation practitioner by NeuroGen in Australia.
4) We can advice you how to get funding for Stem Cell Therapy and/or Rehabilitaion. Please note conditions apply.

How to get Stem Cell Therapy?
Please contact us and obtained free of charge information pack. That explains
1) What is Stem Cell Therapy?
2) Cost of Stem Cell Therapy and Neuromuscular Rehabilitaion
3) Procedures to get Stem Cell Therapy and Rehabilitation
4) How to travel to NeuroGen?
5) When you wish to do it, please contact us.
6) NeuroGen confirms your past and current situations.
7) Get Stem Cell Therapy & rehabilitaion at Mumbai
8) Follow up rehabilitaion at Neuromuscular Rehabilitaion.

The Key of improvement of Stem Cell Therapy is advanced rehabilitation after Stem Cell Therapy Treatment.

That is proven by Marie.

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